Taiwan Smart City Association


TSCA is a non-profit organization (NPO) established and registered in 2015.  With collective efforts from various sectors of government, industry, university and research institutes, we are aiming at the promotion of smart city development.  Areas to be covered include governance, industry development, transportation, energy, medical care, education, public health, safety, management and human resource development.  The ultimate goal is to empower the governance capability of governments, to increase the economic competitiveness of cities, and to improve the life quality of people through the development of sustainable and smart cities.



1. To facilitate the integration of resources from government, industry, academia and research institutes related to smart city development.

2. To serve as the platform for exchange of information and technology related to smart city.

3. To conduct international exchange activities in order to provide opportunities for mutual learning.

4. To promote any other activities that which is helpful to the development smart city.




Chairman of Director Board:

John Chien-yuan Lin (Honorary Chairman, Foundation of Urban Development and Environment Education)


Sectary General:

Eric Chang, (CEO, GLORY Technology Service Inc.)


General Coordinator of Working Committees:

Wan-Hsiang Huang, (Professor, College of Environmental Design, Chinese Culture University)



     Secretary:  Ms. Chu-yun Lin, Mr. Wei-ting Lin

     Address:   4F, No.6, Ln.31, Sec. 1, Nanajing E. Rd. Taipei City, Taiwan