Secretary General


Chang, Chih-Chiang (Eric)



Current Positions

Secretary General, Taiwan Smart City Association (TSCA)

CEO, GLORY Technology Service Inc.

Supervisor of Board, Taiwan Intelligent Fiber Optic Network Co., TAIFO

Director, Taiwan Safety And Security Industry Association (TSSIA)

Lecturer of P.C.C., Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan

Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association, CIECA


Education & Certificate

PH.D., National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

MBA, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Master Program, Institute of Industrial Engineering, National Taiwan University

P.E., Fire Engineering

I.S.O. 9000 Series Leading Assessor & Auditor, B.V.Q.I.



Lecturer of N.T.U.T., National Taipei University of Technology

Lecturer of C.P.A.M.I., Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior